“I like nonsense. It wakes up the brain cells.”

An innovative young comedy producers programme focused on bringing the benefits of laughter to local and global audiences.

Creativity Plus

Learning through examples of linking creativity in the workplace to theatre entrepreneurship.

Make ’em laugh

Revelling in absurdities and contradictions of society through comedy, collaboration & empathy.

Unique approach

Engaging communities via historically significant successful comedy events, publications and products.

Skill-development for the future of work.

Our Young Comedy Producers Programme is supported by resources, events and workshops both online and in various advertised locations upper primary and secondary students abundant opportunities to develop vital knowledge of teamwork, project management and language, finance and digital skills.

Learning enterprise skills through the fun of producing comedy.

Programmes and projects that draw on hundreds of years of working in a gig economy to successfully create events, publications and products for global audiences.

Comedy that embraces local and topical themes.

Popular comedies used in the Young Comedy Producers Programme show how trending social and political themes in different communities help build creative cultures.

Popular folk and fairy stories known by the whole society.

Young Comedy Producers Programme utilise well-known stories which framed the comic business of clowns and their inventive comic routines.

Satirical songs and special effects are all part of the fun

Young Comedy Producers Programme make comedy part of a sensational presentation of songs, dances and spectacular entertainments. These are used to create products, performances, events and publications

Laughter changes everything

Laughter has the ability to radically break us out from mundane, everyday problems. It gives us the unfettered power of problem-solving and putting things into perspective. Theatre entrepreneurs who created the modern theatre industry used comedy to sell tickets on powerful topics like Women’s Rights, Universal Suffrage and aspirations for ‘happy ever after’. Their entrepreneurial way of connecting to global audiences through laughter holds lessons that are crucial for working and living in a digitally connected world.

Fairytale fanfare!

What comic moments could you make for audiences learning from Adamanta, The Proud Princess Of Profusia?

Adamanta’s name says it all. She is an adamant, determined sort of girl. In fact, she was calling for an independent life a whole 21 years before the first women on the planet won the right vote in New Zealand in 1893. Oh dear… how the comic pantomime shows up the problem of strong-minded women and the havoc they play on fairytale endings.

Ingeniously, the playwright Garnet Walch brings in the help of Venus and her cheeky son Cupid. Venus was already due to make an appearance on telescopes right around the planet, transitting across the face of the sun in December 1874. Why not divert the goddess for a time onto the stage in Melbourne to melt the proud heart of Adamanta?

Using the resources we make available to you, become a certified Young Comedy Producer by creating and running a project for you school or local community or both.

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