“I like nonsense. It wakes up the brain cells.”

Innovative comedy writing courses for ten to fifteen-year-olds focused on sharpening the mind and preparing for a creative life in future workplaces.

Creativity Plus

Learning through examples of linking creativity in the workplace to theatre entrepreneurship.

Make ’em laugh

Challenging the contradictions of critical views through comedy, collaboration & empathy.

Unique approach

Engaging and enhancing the abilities of young playwrights & writers via forgotten literary gems.

Our Short Courses

We’ve designed short courses that can be completed in a session or two in any school learning program.

Young playwrights & comedy writers events.

We organise events and workshops both online and in various advertised locations to give students the dynamic experience of real audiences of their peers.

Radical pantomime allows students to draws on hundreds of years of comic writers successfully creating comic stories for global audiences.

Comedy that embraces local and topical themes.

Popular comedies used in the Radical Pantomimes programs show how trending social and political themes in different communities help build creative cultures.

Popular folk and fairy stories known by the whole society.

Radical Pantomime Courses utilise well-known stories which framed the comic business of clowns and their inventive comic routines.

Satirical songs and special effects are all part of the fun

Radical Pantomime Courses make comedy part of a sensational presentation of song, dance and spectacular entertainment.

Sources of laughter rearranged

Radical Pantomime Courses introduce young writers to creating comic stories for their local communities. They show how comedy is a socially powerful tool for bringing…
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pantomime audience plymouth

Awakening brain cells

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It’s a way of looking at life through the…
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The Comedy Business

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It’s a way of looking at life through the…
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The Gig Economy

Projects interactively compare past cultural ideologies and technologies with contemporary ones. Students learning that entrepreneurship was never ‘value-free’ or deserving of unquestioned imitation. As the…
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Comic Stories & Serious Themes

Ut enim ad minima veniam, quis nostrum exercitationem ullam corporis suscipit laboriosam, nisi ut aliquid ex ea commodi consequatur. Quis autem vel eum iure reprehenderit…
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Happiness and Renewal

Pantomime productions should be contextualised within the substantial body of ‘post-colonial’ research which implicates theatre industries in European and English colonialism and the racism which…
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Re-Inventing Pantomime

Digital archives give us access to many examples of pantomime scripts. Some of these are curated here, together with other the related materials. Radical Pantomime courses…
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Arranging and Re-Arranging Aladdin

The pantomime is steeped in mythological metaphors that come from folk stories, fairy tales and religious symbolism. At the same time, pantomime stories show local…
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The Forty Thieves

These two versions of the Ali Baba story are found in chapbook form. Wikipedia gives us the following sources by way of explaining on how…
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What Learning Outcomes Can Be Assessed Through Radical Pantomime Courses?

The learning programmes outlined in our courses are particularly suited in enabling students to demonstrate the following capabilities and subject learning outcomes. Our knowledge of pedagogy and research in the most efficacious assessment methods is based on child-centred approaches. Read about our approach here.

Courses are designed to give students opportunities to link their creation of comic texts and their high-order thinking skills. Relating critical and creative perspectives are vital.

Critical Thinking / Creative Thinking

English Learning Outcomes are fundamental to all learning in the Australian Curriculum. The Radical Pantomime Approach focuses on writing as a vital launchpad for a digital age.

English Learning OutcomesWriting

We use scripts from historically important productions to give students many opportunities to adapt and explore writing different comic texts, from plays to non-fiction.

The Arts – Drama and Media Arts

An exciting part of our courses is finding and dealing with primary historical sources. Reading ‘the past’ is nurtured in order to understand present cultural trends.

Humanities and Social Science – History

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