About the Radical Pantomime Writing Course

For teachers and community artists looking for a different way of creating pantomime in a digital age

How radical is the radical pantomime writing course?

Radical is not a word you think of when you’re looking to produce your next school or community pantomime, right?

However, we unashamedly call our comedy writing courses radical to signal a much-overlooked fact, that a significant number of early pantomimes vitally participated in the evolution of our democratic culture. This is particularly true with respect to universal suffrage and aspirations for good life.

The scripts are now freely available and out of copyright, giving pantomime producers an endless supply of pantomime scenarios characters and written scripts to adapt and transform in their communities.

The benefit of a customised pantomime production

Let’s face it, pantomimes can be too formulaic and predictable.

Instead, the Radical Pantomime Writing Course gives you five clear steps on how to create a highly customised production. Your school community audiences will be able to come on a creative experience with you that positively examines cultural change. They will have no trouble seeing how pantomimes bring the benefits of laughter and social cohesion.

What does the Radical Pantomime Writing Course give you?

Our course is built on unique and expert knowledge of historically significant pantomime productions. This includes giving you access to dozens of comic routines and other staging techniques, for instance, used by clowns like Joe Grimaldi and other major comedians now, sadly, forgotten.

We do the ‘heavy-lifting’ for you in analysing, translating and presenting the historically-sourced scripts. You get to realise a uniquely localised pantomime production for your community which is both highly original and yet authentically traditional. The content of courses covers five production elements:

  • Stories & Scenarios: Dozens of historically sourced pantomime scenarios to innovatively to reflect either your local school and community context.
  • Engaging Themes: In-depth ways of working with social themes reflected in historically important pantomimes such as on gender roles & women’s rights and overcoming risks and danger.
  • Dramaturgical & Playwrighting Skills: Combining the skills of the playwright with the knowledge of a dramaturge.
  • Production Planning: Running workshops with the prospective cast and crew around your emerging script to inform you of the following production areas of 1)comedy routines, 2)music and dance, 3)scenery and special effects, 4)costumes and masks, 5)project management and publicity.
  • Publishing Your Script: Creating small events to try-out parts of the script to create a growing excitement in your community around the arrival of your annual pantomime production season

Examples of our course in action

An upper primary team create a sports-focused pantomime

Based on 1873 pantomime celebrating England vs Australian cricket match

History teachers collaborate to look at Women’s Rights

Based on 1874 pantomime based on a Princess who refuses to marry

Community theatre stage Liberty vs Tyranny

The 1873 view of liberty as a European right that changed Australia.

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