About the Young Comedy Producers Programme

Giving Students Creative Ways of Simulating Working In A Gig Economy

What are the key components of the Young Comedy Producers Programme?

The term PRODUCER is a vital one in a digital economy. It represents a work style that demands the collaboration of critical and creative thinking skills, as well as being hands-on and entrepreneurial.

Here’s is a short film showing the three areas of the programme –

1) Producing Comedy;

2)Enterprise Skills and

3) The Comedy Knowledge Base.

What does the Young Comedy Producers Programme give you?

The historical materials which fuel Young Comedy Producers are freely available and out of copyright. For instance, the comic scripts of former pantomime producers give students dozens of examples of ideas, characters and stories to adapt and transform in comic experiences for audiences.

Our programme is built on unique and expert knowledge of historically significant comic pantomime productions. This includes giving you access to dozens of comic routines and other staging techniques, for instance, used by clowns like Joe Grimaldi and other major comedians of their day.

We do the ‘heavy-lifting’ for you in analysing, translating and presenting the historically-sourced materials like 19thcentury newspapers and images. You get to localise materials for your community in highly original ways. The content of courses covers five production elements.

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