Enterprise Skills

The Young Comedy Producers Programme is focused on giving upper primary and lower secondary students practice of working in a ‘gig economy’. In order to be successful, various organisations like the FOUNDATIONS FOR YOUNG AUSTRALIANS have outline the need for enterprise skills. Our programme is informed by such research and, as a result, focuses on three areas of learning about:


Teamwork is vital in a collaborative workforce of the 21st century. We take as a great starting point Atlassian’s Team Playbook, Creative Common resources through which the Atlassian company demonstrates how it nurtures a collaborative culture.

Agile Project Management

While Agile Project Management requires specialist knowledge, there are foundational ways of working which can be modelled with students. Some of the methodology is shown in Atlassian’s Team Playbook. Other sources of Agile is more easily demonstrated within creative and critical thinking approaches as well.

Skills Lab

There have been different ways of outlining what are ‘enterprise skills’, including language, digital and financial literacies. The Young Comedy Producers Programme will focus on:
Thinking skills
Writing skills
Design skills
Presentation skills
Digital skills
Financial skills

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