Producing Comedy

Young Comedy Producers Programme asks Year 7, 8, 9 or 10 students to create comedy in their school.

Schools come in all shapes and sizes

Look at the school maps we’ve presented below. Use them as a way of brainstorming what you might do as a comedy producer.

Making comedy means bringing laughter to friends, parents and other people in your school community who you haven’t met yet. You might plan an event, create a publication or make a product.

We suggest that the first big decision to make in learning how to produce comedy is deciding whether you’ll charge money or not for laughter-making adventure.

Click on any or all of the three boxes to learn what you can do.

Comedy Events

Comedy event projects include producing different styles of performance and exhibitions

Comedy Publications

Comedy publication projects include writing and publishing short stories, sketches, scripts, comics
graphic novels.

Comedy Products

Comedy products include the design and making of Masks, Toys, Costumes, Games, Prints.

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