The Forty Thieves

From Austlit Ali Baba & The Forty Thieves: A Tale Of Persian Company.

‘Written, compiled and abstracted from various sources by Arthur H. Adams’, this production was advertised as the seventeenth annual Christmas pantomime put on by J. C. Williamson and George Musgrove. 

The first act consisted of four scenes:

Scene 1 The Spider’s Web,

Scene 2 The Market in Baghdad,

Scene 3 Ali’s Humble Home, and

Scene 4 The Exterior of the Cave.

The second act is said to have been remarkable for the beautiful corn-and-poppy ballet in ‘The Land of Peace and Plenty’ scene. A ‘magnificent series of patriotic tableaux’ was presented within the production’s third act: ‘The Spanish Armada’, ‘The Death of Nelson’, ‘The Capture of Manila’, ‘The Battle of Santiago’, ‘The Battle of Omdurman’, and ‘Kitchener, The Conqueror’ ( Brisbane Courier 18 February 1899, p.2).

Pantomime Script Of Ali Baba and the forty thieves.

Published: Melbourne, Vic. : Troedel & Co., 1899.

Freely Available To View at http:/​/​​10381/​244519

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